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ps3 for sean

<a target=”_blank” xhref=”http://www.gamespot.com/events/ps3launch/?tag=gsvck” mce_href=”http://www.gamespot.com/events/ps3launch/?tag=gsvck”>PS3 Launch</a>

stratton spring 2006 – 30′ quarterpipe

Watch the Video

this is ian bombing the us open 1/4 pipe at stratton last spring – i was using it to test my video plugin for blip.tv but ended up just doing a straight cut & paste instead – i still need to work out the best way to seamless post via blip.tv to this [...]

testing video plugin (again)

trying the plugin that rob pointed to first – will use one of my vimeo videos for this one…
took a little tweaking, since vimeo converts everything to flash but still gives you a way to get to the original, which is what i ended up using…

testing vimeo

i really like this service for uploading video, though it doesn’t have cellphone posting yet like blip.tv…
father’s day 2006 – mianus gorge on Vimeo
this video i shot w/ my canon s3 is during a hike w/ the dogs…
update: hmmm, i definately need to spend some time understanding the whole plugin and support for rich-media aspects [...]