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My Review of H10025 Cozy Cave

Originally submitted at FetchDog

Burrowers rejoice! If your dog likes the security of close surroundings, this cozy cave provides protection, warmth and comfort. The poly/cotton shell has a faux lambswool sleeping surface and faux lambswool-lined top thats oh so plush. Cover support keeps the top of the bed open, so your dog can c… [...]

cute kids

three yuts #1

Originally uploaded by glemak

this is the shot we’ll be using for our xmas cards this year, taken on our front porch on a sunday morning when sean was home for a long weekend this fall…
ian sporting his trinity jersey, gaby in uconn and [...]

bearded “college” man

bearded man

Originally uploaded by Naes763.

new self portrait of sean from his dorm room at marist – his beard grows much faster than mine ever did at that age…
he’s decided to grow a beard while in college, which is when i started and never looked back, [...]

putting the multi in media

putting the multi in media
Originally uploaded by glemak.
the setup in our family room (called a great room in some parts of us)…
moved the tivo out and replaced w/ cable company’s new hd-dvr (ui sucks but the quality of hd content is great)…
put the xbox on one video channel and the wii on another [...]

got moo

got moo

Originally uploaded by glemak.

new blog cards came today – from flickr and moo

family up in stratton village

family in stratton village

Originally uploaded by glemak.

gaby joined sean up in stratton this weekend. it was cold w/ some new snow. we had lunch at the new soup nazi spot (seinfeld fame). it was a good time up in vermont…

stratton – snowy new years eve

stratton – snowy new years eve

Originally uploaded by glemak.

well we had some good snow on new years eve weekend, which was washed away the week after…
seems to be the way this winter is going, a real weather rollercoaster…
pray for snow