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all in the family

i’ve been active online since the earliest days of the web & blogging since january, 2002 – so it shouldn’t be very surprising that my family would be really involved online as well…
my wife karyn has a blog dedicated to her family, faith and her hobbies such as needlepoint – you can find it at [...]

im n ur ch41r, st34ln ur int3rn3ts

im n ur ch41r, st34ln ur int3rn3tsOriginally uploaded by glemak.
so sean has selected marist college, and as this picture will show – he is so ready to head off to college
he liked it for the degree (cs w/ a game development focus), student body size & culture, campus wired rating, overall feel of [...]

college applications done…

2006_7_04_colleges 317
Originally uploaded by glemak.

sean sent off all his applications last week, now its nervous waiting time…
it was a lot of fun traveling all over the east coast last summer and early this fall looking at the schools he was interested in…
the time we spent at siggraph’s sandbox symposium in boston was invaluable – really [...]

ps3 for sean

<a target=”_blank” xhref=”http://www.gamespot.com/events/ps3launch/?tag=gsvck” mce_href=”http://www.gamespot.com/events/ps3launch/?tag=gsvck”>PS3 Launch</a>

halloween 2006

halloween 2006
Originally uploaded by glemak.

sean (17) is a pirate and ian (14) is barney rubble…
by high school age they no longer are that interested in trick-or-treating but they do still like to costume it up for school (anything to get out of the uniform for one day)…
they tend to dress in themes based on their [...]

ian & sean – suited up

ian & sean – suited up
Originally uploaded by glemak.

sean and ian had to start wearing their blazers and ties today – so i got them to quickly pose for a shot before sean drove them off to school…
seems like only yesterday that ian was heading off to 1st grade, and sean the 4th grader was [...]

the social side of flickr & our college search

seanOriginally uploaded by glemak.
i was trolling through my flickr this morning, looking at my mosts: interesting, views, favorites and comments – one of the most compelling parts of flickr is the social interaction w/ both physical and virtual friends, its totally fascinating to me the social sphere that surrounds something as simple as a digital [...]

testing flickr to wordpress

marist student unionOriginally uploaded by glemak.
setup this blog w/in flickr so that i could post to this as well as my typepad blog, still experimenting…
haven’t had time to tweak w/ wp since the weekend, but definately have been bookmarking lots of good posts and wp recommendation blogs…
really like the extensibility of the platform as well [...]