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its rubber chicken time

its rubber chicken time
Originally uploaded by glemak.

there is a story behind the rubber chicken of course…
a family that owns a very similar looking lab, gulliver of brasil, meet us through flickr right after i started posting puppy pictures…
gulliver is year and 5 days older than leo – so the bond was immediately formed via this [...]

flickr is life

i think karyn can totally relate to this cartoon from my friend chris…
i do have some photos from the hospital that i did not post but took so she could look back after the drugs wore off – they won’t be going up on flickr

ian & sean – suited up

ian & sean – suited up
Originally uploaded by glemak.

sean and ian had to start wearing their blazers and ties today – so i got them to quickly pose for a shot before sean drove them off to school…
seems like only yesterday that ian was heading off to 1st grade, and sean the 4th grader was [...]

testing quick post – simple applications are a joy

John’s Adventures: John’s Background Switcher
“I wanted a way to periodically change the wallpaper on my computer at set intervals and couldn’t find any decent software to do it, so I wrote my own. It’s simple, powerful and once you’ve told it what to do, it sits quietly in the system tray going about its business.”
i’m [...]

the social side of flickr & our college search

seanOriginally uploaded by glemak.
i was trolling through my flickr this morning, looking at my mosts: interesting, views, favorites and comments – one of the most compelling parts of flickr is the social interaction w/ both physical and virtual friends, its totally fascinating to me the social sphere that surrounds something as simple as a digital [...]