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6th page 6th photo tag

my friend brian tagged me, rules are simple: go to the sixth page of your flickr stream, and post the sixth picture that’s listed, then tag six more people.

i was a little concerned that i would end up w/ a not-so-interesting photo but was glad when i saw which one was the lucky tagged shot…
this [...]

w3r 1n ur p00lz scarin ur te4gan

w3r 1n ur p00lz scarin ur te4gan
Originally uploaded by glemak.

we had a duck couple hang out in our pool this weekend, teagan was running around the pool area and didn’t notice them until the moment of this shot – she wasn’t to sure what to make of them at first since they were about her [...]

its rubber chicken time

its rubber chicken time
Originally uploaded by glemak.

there is a story behind the rubber chicken of course…
a family that owns a very similar looking lab, gulliver of brasil, meet us through flickr right after i started posting puppy pictures…
gulliver is year and 5 days older than leo – so the bond was immediately formed via this [...]

testing video plugin (again)

trying the plugin that rob pointed to first – will use one of my vimeo videos for this one…
took a little tweaking, since vimeo converts everything to flash but still gives you a way to get to the original, which is what i ended up using…

testing vimeo

i really like this service for uploading video, though it doesn’t have cellphone posting yet like blip.tv…
father’s day 2006 – mianus gorge on Vimeo
this video i shot w/ my canon s3 is during a hike w/ the dogs…
update: hmmm, i definately need to spend some time understanding the whole plugin and support for rich-media aspects [...]