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emerging media technologist

i have such good models

who’s the pretty girl

leo in pond
Originally uploaded by glemak
i’ve been doing a lot of hdr photography lately, thanks to my friend charlie for the recommendation – checkout this hdr primer if you too want to get started…

all in the family

i’ve been active online since the earliest days of the web & blogging since january, 2002 – so it shouldn’t be very surprising that my family would be really involved online as well…
my wife karyn has a blog dedicated to her family, faith and her hobbies such as needlepoint – you can find it at [...]

upgrading to lastest version of wordpress

i’m always terrible at keeping up w/ upgrades, but finally blocked a few hours to upgrade this blog since there was a thunderstorm rolling through our town and i knew i wouldn’t be able to go for a mtb ride until it passed…
i love the way wordpress tells you it’ll take no time at all [...]

sure you don’t want my ss# too

Image by Getty Images via Daylife
Dear Inernet User
We are pleased to notify you the “Winner” of our Internet Lotto draws. This is a reward program for the patronage of internet services and all email addresses entered for this promotional draws were randomly selected from an internet resource database of of registered software and domain users.
Reference [...]

old soul

Image by tomswift46 via Flickr

Originally uploaded by glemak
this tree is in our yard/woods in vermont, not sure how long its been there but most of the big trees in the area have been logged on and off since the 1800’s – this one looks like it was struck by lightning and is now a [...]

testing zemanta

from their about page:
“Zemanta is a revolutionary new platform for accelerating on-line content production for any web user. Any user-created text (a blog post, article or web page) is directly “read??? by Zemanta, which recognizes all contextual content. Zemanta then combs the web for the most relevant images, smart links, keywords and text, instantly serving [...]

6th page 6th photo tag

my friend brian tagged me, rules are simple: go to the sixth page of your flickr stream, and post the sixth picture that’s listed, then tag six more people.

i was a little concerned that i would end up w/ a not-so-interesting photo but was glad when i saw which one was the lucky tagged shot…
this [...]

mtb tales

so i went riding without the dogs yesterday because it was raining real hard overnight and throughout the morning and then it switched to a drizzle which meant wet muddy trails and slippery conditions. i did my normal hill climb and ridge run loop. as i was coming up to the top of one ridge [...]

personal soa – where you post is irrelevant

service oriented architecture is considered a loose coupling of services that allow for diversified backends to be joined via a web service integration into a unified frontend – this in the past was primarily considered the domain of business practitioners – i am over simplifying it of course so apologies to all my fellow techies [...]

of wordpress, twitter & friendfeed…

i use this wordpress blog to post about personal stuff as opposed to my typepad blog which i use for my emerging media, technology & career related stuff – i also have been sending all my tweets in digest format via the great alex king’s twitter tools plug-in to this blog as a lightweight way [...]