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quick links:

i’ve done numerous interviews, videos, panels & podcasts over the last few years, here’s a few examples:


i’m currently the cto of hearst interactive media – responsible for enterprise, venture and strategic technologies for the corporation…

i normally refer to myself as an emerging media technologist – i have over 25 years of experience in media, technology and internet related industries, mostly as the cto or lead technologist – while i’ve worked for lots of very large companies, i’ve always enjoyed working with small or startup organizations, either as an advisor, consultant or outside director…

my primary blog nomadic audio which i’ve had for years, is mostly posts on cto stuff, emerging media technology, the media industry, technology trends and career related topics – my personal blog which is much more of a personal journal about my life, dogs, mtb, snowboarding and other lifestyle/family related stuff (wasn’t that the original concept behind blogging)…

i’m a published author on the art of being a cto, a hands on technologist (meaning even though i normally am in a senior management role, i work hard to stay connected to the leading edge of technology via direct immersion in the experience)…

i’ve spoken at numerous conferences on a variety of topics over the years, if you’d like to contact me regarding some event – pls feel free to email me w/ the details…

a couple of examples of recent talks i’ve given 1) on podcasting and social media (pdf) 2) on future of journalism (pdf)…

examples of presentation topics:

  • future of enterprise technology (like what infoworld focuses on)
  • being a cto (in a small or large company)
  • venture technology due diligence (like what i currently do)
  • emerging media technology trends (like mit review)
  • social media, podcasting & videoblogging (see my other blog)
  • enterprise 2.0 (ross has a great take on this)
  • traditional media industry’s future (see my media pov in the right sidebar)
  • surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking (personal interests)

my bio has my career details if you’re interested, but some of the highlights are:

  • corp cto of time-warner before, during and after the aol “acquisition” (yes, i know i should write a book)…
  • cto of dell online when ecommerce was initially getting started on the web
  • cto at hearst interactive media focused on venturing, strategic relationships and enterprise technology (current)
  • head of technology for hanna-barbera when cartoon network was launched (a very fun place to work)
  • advisor to: infoworld, mochila/snapbridge, advisen & icg
  • director @: theatermania (pending) & bsnb
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