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so i went riding without the dogs yesterday because it was raining real hard overnight and throughout the morning and then it switched to a drizzle which meant wet muddy trails and slippery conditions. i did my normal hill climb and ridge run loop. as i was coming up to the top of one ridge that now that leaves have fallen gave me a clear view of the switchback trail below and the swamp and ridge on other side of the valley. i stopped (which is where i took this shot) when i saw some movement which turned out to be a string of deer, three that i could clearly see walking along the far edge of the swamp below the ridge line. i’d be on that switchback below in a few minutes and was wondering if i’d catch up to them on the other side of the swamp but then i saw a large dog on the switchback immediately followed by two hikers. i headed off down the trail and by the time i passed the hikers and their dog the deers were long gone probably crested the other ridge and down into the other valley. there is a trail over in that valley but its the most technical trail in the park and not very fun when its wet and slippery since its hard enough when its dry. so a deer photo will have to wait for another day, i see them all the time this time of year…

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