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i use this wordpress blog to post about personal stuff as opposed to my typepad blog which i use for my emerging media, technology & career related stuff – i also have been sending all my tweets in digest format via the great alex king’s twitter tools plug-in to this blog as a lightweight way of archiving my tweets since my confidence in the architecture of twitter is minimal but since i’m now doing most of my microblogging via friendfeed and i’m sending those to twitter via twitterfeed and this blog’s posts are sent into friendfeed its creating an echo effect loop which is annoying…

so i’m going to turn off the twitter tools plugin – if for some reason you were subscribed to this blog for my microblogging, pls just go subscribe to me on friendfeed (or swurl which seems to do a good job of presence aggregation as well)…

i’ve also been remiss in posting a few interviews (rww, bst) and a panel (siia) that i’ve done this past year, so when i was adding them to my about page i thought i should also post about the shift in focus and online presence that i’m experiencing right now via friendfeed…

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  1. sorry for the delay, i don’t spend to much time on this blog – lowercase is something i’ve been doing since very early days of the web so its a habit, only use capitalization for formal documents now

    1. glemak on August 22nd, 2009 at 5:11 pm
  2. i’m curious about your use of lowercase in most of your posts and site. i tried searching your site for “lowercase” and “lower case” hoping to find a post about it. thanks,

    2. rajivpant on June 29th, 2009 at 1:31 pm

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