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Monthly Archives: July 2008

personal soa – where you post is irrelevant

service oriented architecture is considered a loose coupling of services that allow for diversified backends to be joined via a web service integration into a unified frontend – this in the past was primarily considered the domain of business practitioners – i am over simplifying it of course so apologies to all my fellow techies [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-07-05

@pacificIT absolutely silly – we’re due to have thunderstorms almost every day between now and release date – going to have to swing by this #
getting ready to go shoot off some fireworks in our driveway w/ the kids – our dogs hate fireworks, upstai.. http://tinyurl.com/55bk6j #
@alexiskold incredibles is one of my personal favorites as [...]

of wordpress, twitter & friendfeed…

i use this wordpress blog to post about personal stuff as opposed to my typepad blog which i use for my emerging media, technology & career related stuff – i also have been sending all my tweets in digest format via the great alex king’s twitter tools plug-in to this blog as a lightweight way [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-07-04

64 bit h20 cooled – uh ah (via Flickr) http://tinyurl.com/6qovbx #
watched cloverfield w/ the family tonight – liked it, interesting to see so many manhattan locations i kno.. http://tinyurl.com/64lgb8 #
@itafroma big lebowski – one of my movies to have if ever stranded on a deserted island – an all time favorite #
@PGHolyfield yup [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-07-03

@dahowlett @lliu = facetious pillock – got it, thanks @dahowlett i think we all suspected as much #
just finished watching be kind rewind w/ my kids – a feel good movie (via FriendFeed) http://tinyurl.com/5smbo8 #
@jimmoon yes it was – we liked it, starts off slow and a bit goofy but then it draws [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-07-02

I’m at Stillwater Rd, Stamford, CT 06902, USA – http://bkite.com/00Orz #
@chaddickerson ha – so do i #
@jspepper free wifi is very smart of you @boingo guys jeremy – retweeting http://snurl.com/2sdsf for my followers who are traveling #
Stillwater Rd, Stamford, CT 06902, USA (via brightkite.com) http://tinyurl.com/3n3dox #
just added a new feed ‘Sidepodcast [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-07-01

louisgray.com: FriendFeed Friday Tips #1: Five Ways To Use the Hide Function (via del.icio.us) http://tinyurl.com/6h37zl #
just finished watching semi-pro w/ my kids – very funny movie (love me sexy!) (via FriendFeed) http://tinyurl.com/48huan #
fetchdog bed for teagan (via Flickr) http://tinyurl.com/5a24v8 #
my twitter updates for 2008-06-30 (via Blog) http://tinyurl.com/6r9p6j #
nl2: egc & reality break 1 & 2 [...]