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my twitter updates for 2008-06-21

  • @Halcyon seriously ;) #
  • @Attamusc ha #
  • @dashdrum lol – my kids nail me for botching movie lines all the time, so much so that they started quoting my flubbed lines now too ;) #
  • @tomguarriello wouldn’t have it any other way though ;) #
  • just added a new feed ‘365 tomorrows’ http://www.toluu.com/feeds/776997277 #
  • @davidberkowitz need to do this – looks very cool – reposting link http://tinyurl.com/5thpp7 #
  • @Attitude i haven’t been following along brian, what’s the short story – seesmic & phreadz cagematch or something like that? #
  • @garrickvanburen seriously? we regularly are outside in -30?F windchill when we’re snowboarding, its all in the layering and coverage :-p #
  • @Attitude ahhh, got it – i’ve used both services during beta (beetroot) & see value in each, but @kosso is a friend so feel for him most :) #
  • answering interview questions which were sent via email, much harder because i can edit & think vs live q&a easier because no thinking ;) #

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