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my twitter updates for 2008-06-17

  • @stevemann ah in our house of large teens we call that being a “garbage disposal” – your way works too ;) #
  • i will be in san diego next week, working but hope to get some surfing in too if i can rent a board that is, not traveling w/ mine, hassle #
  • @jspepper – i might, i have a few venture related things to do while out there #
  • @Fraser lol – always been that way, was extreme before they thought to call it that, adrenaline junkie i guess, my kids re that way too :-p #
  • @bbluesman yup, its a balance thang, the work/life kind not the board kind ;) #
  • @tweetjeebus – you just made me chuckle at least 3 times in a row, knock it off already – lol, awesome as always your holiness ;) #
  • my son ian made it through yesterday’s nose surgery fine, black eyes & very painful today be that way for awhile doc says but nose fixed now #
  • @gadgetboy goes back to fall he had snowboarding last season he dislocated shoulder & shattered nose, 2nd nose surgery & rehab’g shoulder :( #
  • @gadgetboy I have the video but he won’t let me post it – at 16 I wouldn’t either :-p #
  • @stevemann ian’s doing well steve, thanks – bruised, blackeyes and highly sedated but the nose came out well according to his doc :) #
  • @jeffnolan wow 47, that’s ancient ;) #
  • off to the gym – need to get my midweek bike ride & lifting on so my weekend mtb riding won’t suffer & i can keep up w/ my dogs & kids ;) #
  • @techworking yeah mianus gorge has a good trail system – you ride? #

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