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my twitter updates for 2008-06-16

  • @Gartenberg lol – there’s a reason its call “business” travel, its not supposed to be fun or glamorous, never was, your working ;) #
  • @DaveHamilton thanks dave you too :) #
  • @stevegillmor this reminds me of the mainframe era, when it folk were complaining about pc’s taking users away from their ivory towers steve #
  • @garrickvanburen you nailed it #
  • @Gartenberg been traveling regularly for ~25 yrs, never been a perk for me, always a necessary evil, whether coach, biz, 1st or private imho #
  • @jeffnolan http://hopstop.com gets that done jeff #
  • @leahmcchesney k #
  • @jasonvo same thing happens w/ big firms that do outsourced dev jason :( #
  • @jeffnolan weds sure, my place right – what time? #
  • @jdlasica that is strange, whenever i’ve seen that in the past (decades of surfing) they always cart them away, maybe they didn’t know sop #
  • @jeffnolan yup see you then jeff and good luck on your session #
  • that was a clutch steal by coby, close one to get to game 6 #
  • omg that was a sloppy inbound by la, could have been tied up right there #
  • @jspepper you should be, very deserving ;) #
  • @rafer – if you have time while in nyc this week ping me if you want to stop by… #
  • @Starbucker the guess who #
  • my youngest just went into surgery for the 2nd (hope last) operation to repair the snowboarding damage, 2-3 hr long my wife says, yikes :( #
  • @OnTheRecord eric that is very weird , so you could bring the packaging through tsa, but not carry it on the plane, gotta love aa – not :-p #
  • a great example of the differences between twitter & friendfeed http://tinyurl.com/6dwpog scoble & rice share pov’s +others chime in, fun ;) #

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