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my twitter updates for 2008-06-12

  • @stevemann love the train ride between here and boston #
  • @chrispirillo lol – the horror ;) #
  • @mathewi in nyc this would be a pretty normal sight, even w/ mark’s suggested barbie wig btw ;) #
  • @brianoberkirch ha – curious how many emails have been gathered and what they’ll ultimately do w/ them – microformating microformats neat ;) #
  • @TweetJeebus that works and so does ff, you should know ;) #
  • ok on that profane note it’s off to bed :) #
  • @stevemann cool – good luck, my youngest has his last tests tomorrow and then he’ll be junior, which feels weird #
  • @theproductguy good luck with that #
  • @prgully just guessing, 72 & sunny right – I’ll be there in two weeks bet it’ll be the same then ;) #
  • @raster oh yeah, why for? – you know you’re only 3hrs from nyc, wait the chowd boston or a different one? i’m confused yes ;) #
  • @jonathancoulton view it here http://tinyurl.com/5jlavu very nice :) #
  • @geniodiabolico so true dave, know you’re not a shiny thang guy but you should checkout http://friendfeed.com if you haven’t already fwiw :) #
  • @mightymur that sucks, our dogs are like our kids, they just eat different food “sometimes” – good luck w/ yours mur :( #

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