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my twitter updates for 2008-06-10

  • @JustinKownacki figured #
  • i will be in san diego the week of june 23rd so i will be trying out dave’s new venture for it http://www.offbeatguides.com/ – sweet :) #
  • @dsifry i have one dave on its way, but already got the offbeat invite (thx) so pls send to someone else :) #
  • @dsifry oops “GrandCentral invites are temporarily unavailable, but will be back soon. We appreciate your patience.” not sure whats up dave! #
  • @jeffnolan nope jumped the gun, invites off for me – if you have one send away jeff :) #
  • @jeffnolan could be, seemed strange – had them before but i don’t use the service to much yet #
  • @evo_terra bet they’d all be the prima donna one way players who never took a check or come back into their zone to cover, waiting @ redline #
  • @jeffnolan same w/ me – i use it for online stuff where i want to tread lightly for now #
  • 19 yrs ago today our lives changed for the better, our oldest son sean was born & 3 yrs ago leo our lab was born, happy bday to both boys :) #
  • @cacheop lol – to pet a k-9 cop or not, sorry just cracked me up – safe travels alberto ;) #
  • venture related media summit today at our building – seeing 5 startups & some media vc types i know & some news ones, should be fun & useful #
  • @rklau ha rick – let us know where its being live blogged just in case ;) #
  • @codeshaman today? same as my oldest son & my lab, good company @evo_terra – happy happy my friend :) #
  • @davidberkowitz facebook and aim maybe but not twitter dont think many hs age are on, as for stress, duh all social is stress at that age ;) #
  • being a lifetime surfer and general lover of all things ocean, i used to so love whales – now not so much, especially the airborne type :-p #
  • seems flickr has twitter fever, lots of broken thumbnail images today or could it be firefox 3.0, hmmm curious :-p #
  • @stevemann ah, yeah haven’t ruled out the ol beta scenario when i get time i’ll open up another browser and validate – thanks steve #
  • @stevemann yup its ff 3, flickr came up fine in safari and ie :-p #
  • @QueenofSpain that’s just twitter being aware of how you really feel, its a feature not a bug ;) #
  • @fergusb saw that fergus, thanks for the trackback and kind words :) #
  • ha – my wife just said to me over sms “i don’t want to argue but my tongue won’t listen” boy do i know that feeling :-p #
  • @etherius luck! #
  • k – summit’s starting now – later ;) #

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