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my twitter updates for 2008-06-07

  • @dsifry so how is it going dave, i liked it and will be using it for a trip to san diego i have in a few weeks #
  • @TeeMonster sweet crapbuckets is right #
  • @judell – hey jon how all is well :) #
  • just asked sean if he wanted to get up early for mtb ride to beat heat, he said how about 11a, remember college when before noon was early #
  • @fredwilson http://twitpic.com/1y3o – lol – looks like a great spot for labs, we do that in ct w/ ours almost every weekend #
  • @StarryDynamo hear ya, my sons not to found of spiders (who is) so your plan would work for him too, have fun :) #
  • we just got http://east.doortodoororganics.com/ in ct, organic & local produce delivered to home, nice service & right mindset :) #
  • @timeshifted yeah we go to local farmers markets too, have some good ones in our area but nothing like what the south has ;) #
  • I’m at Merriebrook Ln, Stamford, CT 06902, USA – http://bkite.com/00sSE #
  • so funny yet so true – http://tinyurl.com/5hud2l ;) #
  • seems i live in a house w/ the center-of-the-universe, in case your wondering its my 16 y/o :-p #
  • ok, time to go for mtb ride w/ my ~19 y/o (bday in 3 days) – he’s the “easy” one, we stopped having kids at 2 due to the 16 y/o /kidding ;) #
  • @ElisaC nothing wrong w/ believing god but why does it have to be used as a marketing oppt, should be a personal/private thing #
  • @cameronreilly right apart from that cam ;) #
  • @ElisaC concur, personal & private makes sense to me #
  • just got back from a good mtb w/ sean, was hot and humid but slight breeze and where we ride is very wooded so low sun effect, good times :) #
  • @jonathancoulton that wins my funniest hrc comment of the day :) #

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