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my twitter updates for 2008-06-03

  • awesome game 5 now game 6 on weds – i’ll be at cambridge brewing company in boston… #
  • k – night all :) #
  • packing for boston then off to train station #
  • @cc_chapman yup ,using evernote for awhile now & liking it – great for work stuff like whiteboards #
  • @Scobleizer the livescribe pen is very cool, useful in meetings & its not really that big – seems easy enough to adjust to using it… #
  • @tomguarriello it was an awesome though tiring game for the players and us fans, stayed up w/ my oldest son to watch – rooting for game 7 ;) #
  • welcome to this mornings new followers – you know who you are ;) #
  • @gadgetboy – yeah i was noticing that too, wonder if it was due to caffeinated whale or birdies ;) #
  • @gadgetboy yeah – i know you have the same “sickness” that i have, not being able to sit in a room w/ a whiteboard & resist writing on it ;) #
  • on acela train from stamford to boston, more relaxing & productive, got mtb ride in early, did concalls then onto train & eating lunch :) #
  • @chaddickerson i’m holding out for the popup bio implant chad – want time, alarms, reminders, calender & some form of opt-in msg’g :-p #
  • @raster nor do “mgmt” ;) #
  • @leewilkins lol pm of who? #
  • nl2 egc may 31 show – dave ranting on arrington and other silly valley gang types – right on, I can’t read those types let alone listen 2 em #
  • @chrisbrogan until thurs pm – glad to meetup chris, staying in cambridge by mit #
  • @timeshifted I gave up on gang long time ago, I know most of them just dont like listening to them together, ego based convo not my thang #

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