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my twitter updates for 2008-05-29

  • @bradsucks that sucks brad ;) #
  • @andrewbaron wow, cool that you’re still doing those andrew #
  • @fredwilson corp customers of postini have a dashboard for this though I rarely find false positives – can’t remember last one frankly #
  • @Scobleizer using hahlo and ff web on iphone and alertthingy on systems to monitor plus tabs open in firefox when focusing on convo #
  • @jeffnolan plaxo makes sense to me, it seems like spam when it comes in but postini should learn as it goes – other random emails huh, wierd #
  • having lunch w/ saul griffith of squid labs today – should be interesting, especially the passion for science/engineering education part :) #
  • @fredwilson totally agree chris, i have asked them but they have no idea how things will flesh out, still busy comprehending integration #
  • lunch w/ saul griffith was depressingly informative but w/out closure – lots of concepts re: energy but i wanted to talk tech education :( #
  • @dsifry lol – assuming you messed up on “wheat = what” & “quite = quote” – was it an eye or finger problem dave ;) #

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