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my twitter updates for 2008-05-28

  • @Schlomo agreed awesome vlog – curious, do your speak japanese? #
  • @drewdomkus grab the board dude and go shred ;) #
  • @brianoberkirch blogged this http://tinyurl.com/5af6rp last paragraph is my question of why not :) #
  • @steverubel i like evernote for work related org stuff too but my college age son uses his to the max for class org stuff – its awesome #
  • @cameronreilly he is, very passionate and engaging – nothing like gates #
  • on friendfeed I’m http://friendfeed/glemak if your over there too and interest PLs subscribe – liking the environment a lot fwiw :) #
  • lol http://friendfeed.com/glemak that is #
  • @techworking brilliant :-p #
  • @JustinKownacki carpetbaggers exist in every age and around anything they perceive as having exploitable momentum, they’re always sickening! #
  • @andrewbaron lol – replaced w/ what though andrew “my stories” or “my tubes” some terms just sticks around because its easier that way ;) #
  • @themba – hi & welcome, i assume you followed me because of my evernote comment, my pov: all online is big brother like just need to deal #
  • @JustinKownacki carpetbaggers always seem to think they can monetize better than purists – key sign: they use the word monetize a lot! #
  • @motherpopper ouch, bet she sticks to crawling for awhile now – just wait until she starts jumping off stuff like mine do – welcome to er ;) #
  • finding it ironic that for part of nyc internet week i will be in boston – guess i didn’t plan that out well :( #
  • @codeshaman & @cacheop you guys are tweeting from same location, do you know each other? chris meet alberto etc… brightkite would help ;) #
  • @fredwilson i think paul was wrong on all accts, his article was full of generalizations & bias, 5 minutes took to read i’ll never get back! #
  • for my friendfeed friends here is the article in question – http://www.paulgraham.com/cities.html – really off the mark imho ;) #
  • @sallyforth yeah – it was very frustrating to read & i only work in nyc… #
  • @timeshifted – plan for scale seems to be a missing element in these socialmological webby thangs, huh mark ;) #
  • overheard at lunch, one young person to another “why is it always so bright in here” – we work in a glass building, its called the sun ;) #
  • @JustinKownacki – i followed him on stage awhile back so i actually got to experience him live, he is worthless & his book is opportunistic #
  • @justinkownacki – oh and yes i read the book, his publisher sent me a free copy – i threw it out afterwards & prayed for the trees killed :( #
  • @alexiskold pulling out the lisp card, very nice alex ;) #
  • @JustinKownacki so true – creepy dude (hey so pens need to show-up tonight huh) #
  • @jonathancoulton so awesome – now that’s a useful web 2.0 application – i’m 0.0610 coultons & @chrisbrogan is 1.4814 coultons sweet ;) #
  • @JustinKownacki true – i’m just hoping for 7 games myself #

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