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my twitter updates for 2008-05-27

  • @brianoberkirch pals & chums for sure #
  • being neither a pens nor wings fan-atic, i’m hoping for it to go 7, but if pens don’t start clearing the front of net this will be over in 4 #
  • figured out that my jack russell terrier ran 2 x 10k’s this weekend while running along side my mtb, maybe more if chipmunk chasing added in #
  • @lizstrauss my wife & i have been to bolonga & imola, loved it – i also lived in verona as a kid, don’t remember it but pictures seem nice #
  • http://twitpic.com/1ixc – fireworks suck! #
  • @sallyforth – ha, ironic facial hair, very nice :) #
  • @lizstrauss – we went to watch a f1 race, had a great time and at some really good food, like how the lanes for cars are only suggestions ;) #
  • why is franzen on the ice w/ the game out of hand – of course gloves will be dropped and cheap shots taken, its hockey not ping-pong #
  • never liked gary roberts no matter who he’s played for, defines cheap shot bush leaguer – hated playing against guys like him too #
  • congrat’s to wings fans, 2 shutouts are awesome but really you’ve just held serve, hope game 3 & 4 are competitive, i’m hoping for game 7 ;) #
  • @lizstrauss agreed, we’d go back just for that, maybe after kids finish college we will, but don’t tell her ;) #
  • alright last hockey tweet – chris osgood is a class act, a lot of goalies are a little eccentric – he just seems like a buttoned up guy #
  • rainy am in ct – heading out to train and the always fun commute in a bit – podiobooks to be enjoyed at least – got that going for me ;) #
  • @gadgetboy feel better soon my friend good day to stay home anyway :) #
  • @stevemann lol – went for mtb ride yesterday steve, but am riding train into big apple now -how are sick kiddos? #
  • @jeffnolan feel ya jeff, same with morning trains – don’t go hockey on him now & safe travels :-p #
  • I’m at 300 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019, USA – http://bkite.com/00k0n #
  • @chrisbrogan well stated chris, no way that was spam, hang in there buddy :) #
  • @giovanni tried to get invite but didn’t seem to work – still interested when fixed though #
  • @MaryHodder try http://urltea.com/ instead #
  • @chrispirillo so sad for him and his auto-fed tweets huh ;) #
  • @mikedoe except the shark jumping one i believe #
  • @alexiskold chiming in – i listen to podcasts while w/o in gym & mountain biking but for snowboarding i have a high energy music playlist :) #
  • @Schlomo & fedora of course – safe travels :) #
  • @MaryHodder yup – see your point hopefully the tiny ones will too ;) #
  • @andrewbaron – thick huh, good luck w/ that my friend :) #
  • @chrispirillo i do – dm me chris #
  • @davidparmet yeah be careful up there – radar looks scary for both yours and my homesteads – if power goes out i have two generators :-p #
  • @tomguarriello – cool tom thanks, my boys know how to startup the generators but always rather be there to do it myself ya know ;) #

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