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my twitter updates for 2008-05-26

  • @alexiskold sorry alex i was offline, i agree to separate api & arch issues for twitter, leveraging aws would just help w/ costs not service #
  • sadly craigslist has jumped the shark, so full of spam/scam/promotional distractions that its “almost” unusable – again sadly… #
  • @alexiskold not at all alex, i think they’re so business fighting the stability fires that they can’t get to the core architectural problems #
  • @alexiskold – should have been so “busy” not so “business” – don’t think it was a freudian slip re: twitters lack of one but hey maybe so ;) #
  • @alexiskold i’m sure its totally scary (to them & their investors) but they should put some of that funding to good use & get to it :-p #
  • lol a friend of mine that i played hockey w/ years ago is doing a national viagra commercial, wonder how hard that decision was for him ;) #
  • @bbluesman – ha, i know couldn’t resist but i really thought that and realized it was a pun after i wrote it – i’m sure it was a tough one #
  • the all state ad w/ joe torre in la doing la things is awesome, actually has him out in the water paddling a surfboard around – class act :) #
  • @ross – w/in the next 40-50yrs definitely doable ross #
  • @alexiskold – so they haven’t pinged you yet i suppose, given their lineage they do seem to have a bit of nihs going, to bad you could help #
  • @chrisbrogan my day will be: reloading birdfeeders, mtb ride w/ oldest son & dogs, swim, bbq & watch wings vs pens game 2 tonight #
  • @evo_terra – sweet, work it on out evo & sheila :-p #
  • http://twitpic.com/1ia9 – first memorial day task down, birdfeeders reloaded & many birds happy :) #
  • heading out for a mtb ride w/ only my jack russell teagan today, boys and lab are otherwise occupied so its just me and her & she loves it! #
  • @davidparmet nice, i always think that stuff i do/say to my kids will turn up in their therapy sessions later ;) #
  • I’m at Merriebrook Ln, Stamford, CT 06902, USA – http://bkite.com/00jsk #

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