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my twitter updates for 2008-05-25

  • hockey is so classy, first octopus are thrown as expected then mario & stevie y jointly do the ceremonial puck drop – sweet, lets play 7 :) #
  • oh yeah – george & darren say hello to each other on their first shift, rarely is there fighting in the finals but this series might see it! #
  • @theproductguy try friendfeed instead #
  • @gapingvoid not sure but you should check this site first http://ffapps.com/ #
  • draper is a mountain biker too – i’ve known lots of hockey players w/ this passion (that i share) good physical workout and challenging fun! #
  • @theproductguy – ahh true, i do ff on iphone ok (not like hahlo though) but you’re right not broadly phone enabled yet #
  • @QueenofSpain ” Hubs can #suckit” priorities huh – sweet :) #
  • kronwall is one scary open ice checker – pounces like a cat on anyone w/ their head down – little guy throwing clean but brutal hits :) #
  • good game 1, 4-0 makes it seem one sided but pens played well, wings just better – physical play by both, game 2 should be fun too… #
  • @andrewbarnett – true, but its sitting on a jabber platform, same as meebo who doesn’t have the instability like twitter #
  • @zaldor wow a hockey fan in china, thats a tough one – need to get that guy access to a slingbox somewhere ;) #
  • @jdlasica that’s big problem for us in the east too – really pays off simply knowing what it looks like :) #
  • racing: todays races are all home tracks for teams, monaco, indy & charlotte are were most drivers/teams live – so home cooking & beds :) #
  • f1: raining in monaco is a drag, on a dry day its like watching luge but w/ slick roads its more like boardercross ;) #
  • going to get in a mtb ride w/ the dogs between monaco & indy – have a few hours to get one in but it’ll be to early for sean who’s tuckered! #
  • funny biz model for twitter idea – http://tinyurl.com/6p2enz ;) #
  • british announcer just said “dude” during a racing incident on the f1 race – lol at that sign of the times ;) #
  • @alexiskold the problem w/ that alex is that amazon is a transactional commerce model while twitter is a faulty communications model w/o sla #
  • @cacheop so true – long overdue though, basic architecture & scale issues first would have helped those poor souls out #
  • @alexiskold ahh – ok, closer but still twitter couldn’t provide any sla & amazon can – diff between nascent & established #
  • @mwsmedia – go get’m matt can’t wait for it :) #
  • gents & ladies start your engines – oh yeah :) #
  • @alexiskold api against improperly designed architecture just exposes shortcomings quicker & aws is just storage not application improvement #
  • I’m at Merriebrook Ln, Stamford, CT 06902, USA – http://bkite.com/00iCE #

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