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my twitter updates for 2008-05-24

  • @kosso – aha, will be adding alfalfa tester to my resume immediately – awesome, i needed something catchy & new to add ;) #
  • i love the community of twitter but like others am at a lose re: the lack of stability of it – availability is a mundane requirement folks! #
  • @QueenofSpain – ha excellent a new hockey superstition nice ;) #
  • @stevemann wow, rough friday night steve – feel for you guys, hang in there :( #
  • @Scobleizer imo high school, college and recent grads are mostly on facebook, myspace has become more like geocities, death spiraling #
  • @Scobleizer true – myspace does still seem to work well for that & still lots of folks there just past its peak is all,hence the spiral down #
  • youngest is going out boating w/ a friend this weekend & i’ll be riding mtb w/ my oldest, plus lots of tv racing/hockey, time crunching ;) #
  • @sallyforth take a look at vmoda headphones – very nice & $99 #
  • @leewilkins – lets be careful over there lee – i like your profile image btw – i hate them too ;) #
  • @QueenofSpain use to surf off san onofre @ a spot called “old man’s” – the water was always warmer there then surrounding spots, wonder why! #
  • 8pm edt tonight – game 1 of the final quest for stanley, then tomorrow the greatest day in racing: monaco, indy & charlotte – tgf tivo :-p #

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