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my twitter updates for 2008-05-22

  • being a lifetime hockey player, the antics of soccer players has always escaped me – and the diving omg suck it up and play will ya :0 #
  • @davidparmet – wait you mean we don’t live in the country – so all these trees around are what exactly ;) #
  • again on soccer – penalty kicks to decide a final, come on play it out, hockey is much more strenuous & they do playoffs until done :0 #
  • @Obstructionist think its more of a scale issue seth than a lack of working – semantics i know and still leaves it terminally frustrating :( #
  • @Warlach – and a good comment it was – perspective indeed – nicely played :) #
  • ugh, alarm goes off at same time each day but some mornings it just seems earlier than others ;) #
  • have to drive into nyc again today – total bummer since its supposed to rain – trains are so much easier, ugh :-p #
  • @jaffejuice – yeah, for the most part metro-north is a good experience, since i leave out of stamford i stand in am but still beats driving! #
  • @MaryHodder – we’re using aa miles for a trip this summer – we had to arrange 6 months in advance & now charging for baggage, aa so done :-p #

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