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my twitter updates for 2008-05-21

  • @Schlomo wow safe travels my friend :) #
  • @Attitude agreed, apple bloodhound is an awesome ad… #
  • nl2: red panda adventures, will kit baxter ever behave herself ;) #
  • I’m at 300 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019, USA – http://bkite.com/00fjP #
  • @Armano yes working fine – good morning #
  • @jkottke – opposite of standing is “lying down” because “sitting” is a mid-point between the two – imho ;) #
  • @dsifry – ha, funny stuff dave, like the merge of movies “sleep w/ me” was great :) #
  • lol – when i send stuff to my teenage boys that is “edgy” or “questionable” i label them “nsfm” – not safe for mom :-p #
  • @Attitude – that does suck brian, especially since you’re about to entrust them w/ a member of your family – good luck and safe travels :) #
  • @glemak lol – glad she doesn’t read my twitter or friendfeed though she does blog #
  • @alexiskold agreed alex – i totally hate and avoid redeye’s whenever possible -safe travels #
  • @donlbe silly, i commented to myself – twitcissistic i guess he says narcissisticly ;) #
  • @Attitude feel ya, whenever we travel the hardest part is leaving our dogs, usually one of my sisters house sits so they can stay at home :) #
  • @JustinKownacki congrat’s on that justin – those i turn on to stbd love it – one even said it opened up pittsburgh as a vacation potential! #
  • i got a great view of one of the navy ships in town for memorial day festivities coming up the hudson, will post photo/video later… #
  • @JustinKownacki – your multiple seasons of shows already seems to do that, but wouldn’t hurt – maybe chamber of commerce would help fund ;) #
  • @theodog – wait a jrt can feel guilty, no – really ;) #
  • @JustinKownacki – agreed, sad but true justin #

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