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my twitter updates for 2008-05-16

  • ah, forgot this from back in the day, when college kids come home they like to stay out late just like in school, making dad stay up late :( #
  • @gadgetboy – thinking about you guys and your pup, good luck w/ that and hang in there #
  • @tomguarriello tom – you’re using groundswell like its a noun, its a forrester marketing effort, i like folks there but they are late & … #
  • @stevemann – thats what friendfeed is for steve, g-reader is so yesterday ;) #
  • @stevemann yeah that would be nice, I still use both but get more value out of ff – its a signal to noise issue for me #
  • @tomguarriello – right forrester is good at getting new & non-early adopter folks up to speed #
  • @tomguarriello – mine neither, I use ff for tracking people and g-reader for tracking feeds #
  • @jchutchins being able turn on death race 2000 mode while commuting/driving would be very nice indeed ;) #
  • @croncast – "tl" I like that kris :) #
  • going to have lunch w/ one of my sister’s in law, her daughter & her mom in the tower – to bad its so rainy #
  • @davidparmet – dugg, but dave cosmogirl seriously, did i miss a memo :-p #
  • @davidparmet lol, ok will keep it on the down low – or tweet low @croncast ;) #
  • @jchutchins ha, feel ya on that #

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