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my twitter updates for 2008-05-02

  • rangers had a good second period, goalie keeping them in it #
  • @jspepper – ah, yeah vogue is the other guys – plus avery will need to heal up first – good game last night though #
  • @hangry – nl2: dpp, 2nd class cat got me to lol on train this am – btw while on train can’t call to say listening else will be "that guy" ;) #
  • @laughingsquid "yes, oblivious dude on the cellphone, you are the center of the universe" so appropriate so often, wish i couldn’t relate ;) #
  • l love flickr video – http://www.flickr.com/photos/glemak/2459183561/ but i’m easily amused too ;) #
  • @Schlomo thoughts & prayer too schlomo ;) #
  • i seem to have a regular refill of http://brightkite.com invites so dm me w/ your email if you’re interested in trying it out, i’m liking it #
  • @croncast you & @sizemore are close based on sense of humor too & how often you each have me lol’ng – separated at birth maybe ;) #
  • @rafer umm, you are twittering @ yourself scott, everything all right out there – need a social media intervention of something ;) #
  • @Obstructionist – ha, i also like that she? stated that extroverted r happy & introverted r neurotic, so r those w/ both happy neurotics? #

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