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my twitter updates for 2008-05-01

  • still have a brightkite invite if anyone interested dm your email address to me #
  • previous two went to jason’s so if your another jason your golden ;) #
  • @gadgetboy & i will be going to game 4 of ranger – penguin series tomorrow night @msg – hopefully there will be a game 5 after that ;) #
  • lol sorry about that @msg – duh of course you have it instead of the garden ;) #
  • @jasonvo – ahhh, really strange – still figuring it out but might have promise as it grows #
  • i played hockey constantly up through my thirties, including 3 yrs of semi-pro but now only watch during playoffs, not enough time i guess #
  • hockey is still entertaining to me, just not the regular season which seems way to long, but then all sports seem that way to me #
  • driving into nyc today – train so much better #
  • saw 4 smart cars on my drive into nyc today, wondering if they are – http://www.smartusa.com #
  • @jeffnolan – agreed, given my genetic "mass" not sure i would actually be allowed to get in one, let alone be able to drive it anyway ;) #
  • @chrisbrogan i think of you as cleverly humorous as apposed to @spin who is brilliantly snarky & @obstructionist who is wonderfully witty ;) #
  • @jeffnolan – so tru, a large % of my mass is made up of hair ;) #
  • a cool part of being a dad who can open doors for his kids is when that’s all that’s needed for them to walk thru & pwn it on their own :) #
  • @TeeMonster brutal tee but yes can see it too ;) #
  • @jspepper – not red wings specifically but grunions in manhattan beach will have the game on, good sports bar – i’ll be @ rangers tonight :) #

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