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Monthly Archives: April 2008

my twitter updates for 2008-04-19

up in vt for last weekend of boarding and to shutdown our house until next season – traveling to austin monday #
beauty of a spring day at stratton main face open and top blacks soft & fast – tons of fun on my 54th day of season #

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my twitter updates for 2008-04-18

@tshields – nice to meet you too… #
back in the big apple today, didn’t notice anything related to pope visit other than st pats surrounded by nypd & cement blocks – welcome #

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my twitter updates for 2008-04-17

wow – the "new" industry standard is already totally irrelevant for me, that didn’t take long #
board meeting upstate today, so ian’s driving me – it’ll be his first time doing such a long drive plus on the taconic pkwy – wish us luck!! #
at board meeting upstate, ian did a good job driving me [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-04-16

why is it that smokers want to stand next to me on platform & sit next to me on train, think they’re like animals that smell fear, pls stop! #
@stevegarfield – gm maybe doing interesting things online, but isn’t it really just to distract us from the fact that their autos & cs blow? #
hmm, [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-04-15

boy i’m really liking hbo’s john adams – having been raised by a historian guess it makes sense #
@Obstructionist – hahaha, 2ft tall huh, seth you do have a way w/ words – you should be writing #
@jeffnolan – will check that out, thanks jeff #
@hangry k, when i was 10yrs old living [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-04-14

for those easily pleased the integration of google maps & gps is awesome, especially while on a train, useful if logistically inclined #
@lizbdavis – .htaccess the domain/site & use an authenticated rss feed #

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my twitter updates for 2008-04-13

good day on the mountain today – day 52 for me – rained in the am but cleared up & was fast and soft, excellent spring boarding – oh yeah #
@jeffnolan ha – still hope to get in 3 more this season – ready to start mountain biking though, the drive up & [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-04-12

@gregory – cool greg but its http://addictionary.org – seeing conan was a trip, tall guy… #
@gregory – also on twitter you can get werd of day via @addictionary #
2 more weekends of riding at stratton – pond skim tomorrow (i watch – don’t participate) & soft spring snow – sweet #

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my twitter updates for 2008-04-11

spring flying is so much fun w/ t-storms, tornadoes and lately aa cancels – going on minimal sleep this am, hope i stay awake during meeting #
@chrisbrogran – proud of my two boys everyday, fun to watch tem mature into young adults yet still kids @ heart #
@armano – consider putting them on http://addictionary.org #

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my twitter updates for 2008-04-10

eating migas in round rock texas – awesome #
I can’t believe how much round rock around dell hq has changed in last 9yrs – built up to say the least #
tornado warnings in texas tonight, use to be the not fun part of living here, my youngest still remembers austin as a scary place to [...]