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my twitter updates for 2008-04-16

  • why is it that smokers want to stand next to me on platform & sit next to me on train, think they’re like animals that smell fear, pls stop! #
  • @stevegarfield – gm maybe doing interesting things online, but isn’t it really just to distract us from the fact that their autos & cs blow? #
  • hmm, seeing signs that i might be having one of those "life as a hockey game" days, k lowering elbows now ;) #
  • @cacheop – smoking is allowed in stamford w/ a big open platform so different than westport, not against smokers just want them elsewhere ;) #
  • @chaddickerson – good catching up w/ you chad, enjoy the rest of your wanderings around the big apple :) #
  • drabblecast #60 "before the dead will walk the earth you have to mow the lawn" norm’s "juzt mizundrstood" an awesome song about teen zombies #
  • http://www.normsherman.com/ for link to drabblecast btw – an excellent short fiction podcast… #
  • i threw the song up on my server if interested – catchy toon http://glemak.com/podcasts/zombie.mp3 "juzt mizundrstood" by norm sherman :) #

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