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Monthly Archives: March 2008

my twitter updates for 2008-03-31

about to drive up to boston on this lovely rainy day, should be fun (not) oh well, next three days at mit media lab will be for sure though #

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my twitter updates for 2008-03-28

awesome snowflake day up in vermont, 5" already at my house, heading up to mountain shortly & they should have more up there – sweet #
@cacheop – oh do i know that experience, feeling your pain & glad i’m up in vermont today about to go snowboarding – hang in there alberto! #

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my twitter updates for 2008-03-27

guilty pleasure – am liking the show "ax men" – quality tv #
@johnder – lol, yes i am partial to rugged bearded men working outdoors, since i tend to be one – google’s going to have fun w/ this post #

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my twitter updates for 2008-03-26

@kosso – lol, if it comes up i’ll let them know, it takes time to integrate as i’m sure you know & i wasn’t involved in this one, all mags #
@chrispirillo – a shoutout for drupal scruples #
just realized that we’ve had 15′ of snow so far @stratton – not out west levels but good [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-03-25

@mustachedteam – i went w/ you guys, something about ya’ll i can relate to #
@geniodiabolico i’m w/ ya dave, i’ve known steve since he was at infoworld, love him but can’t say that i’ve ever really "understood" him #
@codeshaman hey chris the cult of amateur is rubbish, don’t waste your time [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-03-24

home again in stamford, we see some crazy idiots coming back from vermont every weekend, drunks & speed freaks, bump drafting isn’t for real #

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my twitter updates for 2008-03-23

i didn’t go to the big air tonight but the kids did, guess during practice some kid misjudged & overshot the landing blewout both knees damn #
the usopen of snowboarding will be on nbc today at 1:30p look for a big hairy dude "me" on side of 1st jump slopestyle & pipe – white helmet [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-03-22

i wonder when i will stop going through life like its a hockey game :-p #
i took a ton of photos and videos at today’s us open slopestye, still uploading but they’re on my flickr – http://urltea.com/2zl4 fun day #
@armano – you might want to try http://meebo.com too, works well on iphone – [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-03-21

up in vermont, us open slopestyle tomorrow – they are predicting it’ll be cold and windy, should be interesting, photos & videos to come … #
today my youngest is 16yr soon he’ll drive & 2 yrs from leaving for college, wow time flies, seems like i was changing his diapers yesterday #

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my twitter updates for 2008-03-20

board meetings all day tomorrow & then up to vermont for us open, a different type of board meeting, ok i crack myself up, i admit it #
i love graphs, but of tweet patterns – how cool is that, http://tweetstats.com/graphs/glemak #
@bbluesman & @usofa – yeah, we go every year, its a blast – [...]