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Monthly Archives: February 2008

my twitter updates for 2008-02-07

breakfast then to a meeting between two of our companies then meetings at mit media lab – damp day in boston – driving home tonight #
@jjprojects – but they have no statement up regarding who they are and what they’re about – always a hot button for me – be careful… #

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my twitter updates for 2008-02-06

reminder of boston meetup tomorrow night in cambridge – http://urltea.com/2nei #
10% of my 2008 via slideshow – http://urltea.com/2nem – enjoying doing a photo-a-day #
@kyle1point0 – welcome to glemak-ville not sure why you followed me but i checked out your art & liked it so following you back – cool #
driving up [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-02-05

watching terminator w/ ian (my low geek factor son) he’s tolerating it, but i love it so deal buddy #
@naes763 – you mean your not watching terminator, i’m torturing ian by making him watch it w/ me #
@stevegarfield – tough call, i’m 100% irish, but meetups tend to be fun in [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-02-04

@superbowlads – bridgestone = 1 #
that seemed like such a quick quarter #
@superbowlads – fedex pigeons = 4 #
@superbowlads – tide talking shirt = 4 #
wow – smith should have caught that one – sucks when qb gets tagged w/ those #
@superbowlads – bud pound it = 3 (cute) #
ironman looks awesome – can’t wait [...]

my twitter updates for 2008-02-03

@hangry – dude, total dad moment you’ll remember fondly i bet #

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my twitter updates for 2008-02-02

drive up to vt last night was a bouillabaisse of weather, started w/ monsoonal rain turned into ice and then snow, road crews tried 2 help #

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my twitter updates for 2008-02-01

sitting in front of our hd with family watching new lost session’s first episode – seems to be recap up first – ben narrating – strange #
lived in hawaii as a teenager, so the locations used on lost bring back fond memories #
@scottsigler – ahh left coast, right good call #
i’ve said many times how [...]