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Monthly Archives: December 2007

my twitter updates for 2007-12-20

@obstructionist – you seth are a very smart man, 1930hate media has been posting videos non stop to seesmic for the last 1/2 hr – pendejo #
@obstructionist – concur, you know how a lonely dog will tear something up when their unhappy just to get attention – sad really… #
@geniodiabolico "we were going to go [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-12-19

hey @naes763 gets home tomorrow after completing his first semester of college, and a good one at that – be good to have him home again #
@geniodiabolico – ?????p ???????s #
@jspepper – coffee is for closers! #
@geniodiabolico – rofl @ your appropriate dildo insertion – omg – google will have a field day [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-12-18

on a disfunctional metro-north train home after xmas party, that keeps stopping every 5 seconds, glad i don’t drink #
engineer just said "attention passengers you may have noticed the probe #
oops… problem w/ the train’s brakes" – no, ya think :-p #
ugh – now we have to switch to another train, always [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-12-16

following @ericrice & other’s lead, have created a parallel seesmic twitter account @seesmak so my video’s will go there instead of here #
snow – hell’s ya – http://www.flickr.com/photos/glemak/2114320379/ – lets hit it #

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my twitter updates for 2007-12-15

brrrr -2f in vermont this am, expecting snow to start late tonight but today will be sunny & cold, trying 2 get teens 2 get arses in gear #

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my twitter updates for 2007-12-14

@strangethings – iphone’s totally worth it, present thyself #
@geniodiabolico – dvorak’s got that one locked up, sorry dave #
on train east into ct – further we go the more snow there is, sweet – as long as rain stays away from vermont were golden #
@jjprojects – you appear less [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-12-13

my global balance of twitterers followed has increased since @twittories started, very nice result #
@laughingsquid – i tend towards being able to subscribe to site then its a blog, not the permalink issue, though both are the norm #
@davidparmet – good call on bsg razor, i get mine from netflix tomorrow, but as [...]

My Review of H10025 Cozy Cave

Originally submitted at FetchDog

Burrowers rejoice! If your dog likes the security of close surroundings, this cozy cave provides protection, warmth and comfort. The poly/cotton shell has a faux lambswool sleeping surface and faux lambswool-lined top thats oh so plush. Cover support keeps the top of the bed open, so your dog can c… [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-12-12

ahhh ha – @twittories resumes – a collective sigh is heard across twitterville #
@kosso – good job on the "what is a podcast?" – i didn’t have the patience to chime in – i just don’t suffer that stuff well any more #
@cacheop – wow, you’re on a really late train [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-12-11

@jspepper – i should mention that i am on a crowded train, listening to a podcast (65 below) & could still hear this boneheads entire convo #
@cameronreilly – ok, that is ironic – suck it up will ya #
@kosso – you’re right i should have put in my v-moda’s #
@abuttigieg you’re [...]