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my twitter updates for 2007-12-13

  • my global balance of twitterers followed has increased since @twittories started, very nice result :) #
  • @laughingsquid – i tend towards being able to subscribe to site then its a blog, not the permalink issue, though both are the norm #
  • @davidparmet – good call on bsg razor, i get mine from netflix tomorrow, but as for snow, the right course of action is to head north 2 ride #
  • @brianoberkirch – portable as in while on the move or portable as in easy to leave or move between? if later, single profile engine is key #
  • [seesmic] Re: Seesmic Noir – http://seesmic.com/5oeLLBADPS #
  • @twittories – this is by far the slowest multiple author story i’ve ever been a part of, well actually the only one ;) am seeking zzzz’s now #
  • @ericrice – seriously, you asked should you be podcasting – come on now, you’re f*cking eric f*cking rice, to quote jc "ur everywhere" do it #
  • hey – those of you that missed out on 1st @twittories – go signup for #2 share in the watch paint drying fun http://tinyurl.com/2297eb ha ;) #
  • @twittories – no way, to many timezone related issues, just being sarcastic – the pace is fine – hope new/others signup for #2 – good fun :) #
  • nor’easter on the way later today and metro-north trains from ct-2-nyc are delayed due to powerline outages, oh joy – commuter hades day yay #
  • & w/ "jennifer weeping" i have no idea where to take @twittories next, hopefully the guy in front of me will be brighter than i ;) #
  • why me – i have a marth stewart clone (from westport no less – saw her pass) talking loud and mindlessly across from me – thrilling, tgfp ;) #
  • @twittories – ouch lol, you’re enjoying this aren’t you cam – ok, i’ll suck it up – expect mine when i get into office #
  • btw – should be obvious but "tgfp" thank god for podcasts :-p #
  • nl2 – xmradio’s newly launched podcasts, edwards weekend one is good, i have xm in two cars and never listened to this show before – tgfp ;) #
  • bill clinton is in our building this morning – talking up his new book, listening to him now #
  • @twittories – ok, mine’s done – @ssharwood up next but expect he maybe sleeping… #
  • [seesmic] Re: Re: Snow In NYC (yay) – http://seesmic.com/w5DwCKv5gX #
  • @Obstructionist – lol, sorry seth i’m not going to record myself laughing out loud at your snow angst – but you do it well my friend ;) #
  • @techworking – yea, i think you folks are due to get the brunt, will mean the kids have more time to study for next weeks finals, right ;) #
  • @davidparmet – i know (actually exactly the house in bedford) but her mark has been left on the women of stepford, err westport i mean ;) #
  • @techworking – sweet, i told sean he should bring his extra set of snowboard gear w/ him, could have grinded those sick rails by the library #
  • @davidparmet – could be, or darien – they all blur in my book, packs of cackling hens on the train that they are – ooh – i apologize ;) #
  • @PodcastJunky – the higher end logitech’s work well, i have the laptop and desktop versions (assuming you’re on pc since mac’s are built in) #
  • @podcastjunky – ~$80 i have these two: desktop – http://urltea.com/2cvv & laptop – http://urltea.com/2cvw – both good 2mp carl zeiss optics! #
  • @davidparmet – snowing in nyc now, heading your way #
  • [seesmic] Re: Re: Re: Re: Snow In NYC (yay) – http://seesmic.com/ESwfHiDTV5 #
  • @hangry – becoming a parent has certainly changed you jason, going from jonathan coulton to michael bolton – scary ;) #
  • @evo_terra – what part of the park are you in, if close to columbus circle you’re like 5 minutes from my place – ping me if you want meetup #
  • omg – having another not suffering fools well day, thank god there’s snow in vermont and a sweet rome 163 board w/ my name on it ;) #

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