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my twitter updates for 2007-12-12

  • ahhh ha – @twittories resumes – a collective sigh is heard across twitterville ;) #
  • @kosso – good job on the "what is a podcast?" – i didn’t have the patience to chime in – i just don’t suffer that stuff well any more ;) #
  • @cacheop – wow, you’re on a really late train home tonight :( #
  • timezones-r-us i am going to bed now – my slot on @twittories will hopefully wait until the am (-5 gmt) feels like deja vu all over again ;) #
  • ok – now i know i will be the next delay to @twittories – all higher than me on list are in australia – where its afternoon – see you in am #
  • good morning, i see @twittories did not go as fast as expected as i slept & <spoiler> someone killed off one of the two characters … #
  • me thinks @hugosharp is up @twittories – ebcak ;) #
  • @cameronreilly – haha oh yea, i’m sure my wife would have loved that, "nothing honey, just my friend from downunder, go back to sleep" ;) #
  • @chrisbrogan – dogs do actually regret when they dookie in the wrong place – you can see it in them, at least the consciences ones i know ;) #
  • @sizemore – glad your travels went well – dm me when you know your collective plans… #
  • @obstructionist – concur though i get sl fine, just don’t use it much personally – i think its a tool & interaction preference thang #

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