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Monthly Archives: December 2007

my twitter updates for 2007-12-31

got about 8′ of fresh powder overnight so getting ready to dig out the car and head up to the mountain for the last runs of ‘07 – oh yeah #

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my twitter updates for 2007-12-30

thanks for the pointer @stevegarfield, twitter karma is very cool http://dossy.org/twitter/karma/ & http://dossy.org/archives/000570.html #
@dossy – love it, good hack… #
http://blip.tv/file/568193 is video of my son ian practicing for tomorrow nights railjam, scary take-off for a dad, probably for him too #
ok @susanreynolds & hi @drc1960 – kids in college, can relate – welcome [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-12-28

good morning, heading up to stratton w/ ian since sean is still under the weather – will bring camcorder and see what we can seemic #
@seemak will be the channel #
@seesmak will be the channel (reposted) #

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my twitter updates for 2007-12-27

got up to vt only to find our long steep driveway completely iced over, made it up to house but getting down in the am will be interesting #

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my twitter updates for 2007-12-26

just told my son and his girlfriend that when/if they have kids, instead of grandpa i want to be called "big kahuna", cowabunga dude #
off to bed – tomorrow its back up to vt until new years, hopefully the snow will have been saved by the groomers after last sunday’s rain [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-12-25

@davidparmet – ask and you shall receive – http://seesmic.com/v/HwFCaOKdy2 #
@obstructionist – feeling tolstoy-ish tonight seth? #
hey, forget about whether to say merry christmas or happy holidays, this is the real controversy brewing http://www.burton.com/poachers/ #
merry christmas you old building and loan #
@chaddickerson – thats so romantic of you chad merry [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-12-24

omg – had to go to a mall tonight, shot me now #
@geniodiabolico – lol, funny mental image though a little bit to much info, good morning to you too dave #
i tweet’d last week that peter griffin was on my train but i forgot to post the photo – http://www.flickr.com/photos/glemak/2131730272/ [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-12-23

@loiclemeur – 3′ sounds awesome, hit it #

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my twitter updates for 2007-12-22

@geniodiabolico – looks like a cool park dave… #
wow – some crazy stuff going on @seesmic, folks learning the hard way about baiting – the internet is a scary, scary place, not for the tame #
@davehamilton, years ago i brought my sons to see the backstreet boys in msg, the constantly screaming girls scared them [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-12-21

@ribrunner – scott, south or north vermont? we’ll be at our usual stomping grounds – stratton, now fully open and loaded w/ the white stuff! #
pea thanks to @jchutchins, heres a good pea-shirt http://tinyurl.com/22q7mh #
@RibRunner – ahhh, have fun and be safe up there #
@techworking – thats a good one greg, happy holidays [...]