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Monthly Archives: November 2007

my twitter updates for 2007-11-20

@cacheop – yup, i was on the 6:42, say hi next time #
@podcastjunky – it’s a good one tonight and try to avoid online spoolers, you’ll want to enjoy every scene, including the final one #
interesting, i scan through the overnight twitters and seesmics before reading my feeds – community vs [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-11-19

@darusha – 5 episodes into beautiful red and really liking it – highly recommend to other tweets out there – http://podcast.com/show/27835 #
@Obstructionist – politics on seesmic, i thought it was biology #
@laughingsquid – scott, my wife has a pair of those goggles, swears by them and plans to put them to good use [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-11-18

@danklass – that’s kristen bell #
today is snowboard season prep day, sort through all the gear, check the bindings, anything that might need replacing, season starts 11/21 #

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my twitter updates for 2007-11-17

@danklass – plentiful breasts to you and yours dan #
sweet, http:www.stratton.com has a countdown clock until open day & photos of trails w/ snow on them – can’t wait, pray for snow #
duh // – http://www.stratton.com #
@hangry – buy those things in bulk guys, costco, sams club whatever – never want [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-11-16

omg, twitter is becoming a great example of how to build a community and then lose them due to complete and utter incompetence, unbelievable #

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my twitter updates for 2007-11-15

[seesmic] from marist – http://tinyurl.com/2djx5z #
@kosso 1. wikipedia/podcast 2. podcast.net 3. podcast.com (no s) 3. apple/itunes (s) via mobile google #
@forrester – wow, you’re sending twitter spam, pls stop or better yet create another twitter acct for marketing types, unsubscribe #
@forrester – obviously you’re not clear on the concept – unsubscribe "until" is oxymoronic [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-11-14

up in albany in board meetings, on drive up saw sob that tailgated/passed me pulled over by cop, i love that, drive right nitwit #
@techworking – yes i did smile and thought about honking, but resisted #

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my twitter updates for 2007-11-13

on train to big apple, listening to "lonely planet" – http://my.podcast.com/glemak/ to fine it & other faves #
@brendanb – removed /. years ago myself, due to poor signal-to-noise ratio & my own inability to suffer fools well #
@fredwilson – curious is the summit open or closed fred? #
@chrisbrogan – sorry to be dense [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-11-12

on later train to big apple, listening to "beam me up" the great scifi podcast from maine – go to http://my.podcast.com/glemak to find it #
reply to @davidparmet: Re: A visit from Twin Princess #1 – http://tinyurl.com/2b9l2c #
@davidparmet – seesmic’s are automatically posted to twitter david if you give them your info, which it looks like [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-11-11

@Obstructionist, imploring muggers and hookers to return to times square to scare people so they walk right, that’s a hilarious line seth #
forgot to tweet this yesterday, for those interested in the jonny quest podcast – http://podcast.com/show/19203 #
just heard dead Kennedy’s holiday in Cambodia coming from family room – its on the boys [...]