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Monthly Archives: October 2007

my twitter updates for 2007-10-31

@techworking – remember what "a" stands for – you don’t want to be that guy #

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halloween 2007

halloween 2007
Originally uploaded by glemak

ian and his friends went as alvin and chipmunks to school today – not bad expect alvin was the shortest and ian is the tallest

my twitter updates for 2007-10-30

in clt for biz meetings – its colder down here than up in new england – i hate al gore’s global warming #

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my twitter updates for 2007-10-28

come on rockies – make a series out this dog #
leopard update – painful, the support folks are nice though, spent hrs w/ them – finally told them apple now feels like msft, update-wise :O #

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my twitter updates for 2007-10-27

rainy weekend so far on east coast – so much for taking the dogs for a hike today but hopefully tomorrow it’ll clear up… #
@evo_terra – wish i did, my hockey players off at college now – only hs football left to watch which is fun but its not hockey #

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my twitter updates for 2007-10-26

@raster – its friday the 13th x 2 #

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my twitter updates for 2007-10-25

me thinks these two teams might score a lot in this series – i’m pulling for 7 games #
riddle me this, why do some sales-people send me email asking me a question, which i answer asap, only to get their out-of-office reply argh #

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my twitter updates for 2007-10-24

@obstructionist – ouch #
comcast is purposely creating latency for select customers http://urltea.com/1veg – come on, of course, they all do and have forever – duh #
@obstructionist – i’m w/ ya on that, marketing dna escapes me too #

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cute kids

three yuts #1

Originally uploaded by glemak

this is the shot we’ll be using for our xmas cards this year, taken on our front porch on a sunday morning when sean was home for a long weekend this fall…
ian sporting his trinity jersey, gaby in uconn and [...]

my twitter updates for 2007-10-21

connecticut has its share of red sox fans, here’s hoping tonights game puts them out of our misery #
1st inning grand slam – ouch #
ugh – looking like a game 7, brutal #

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