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Monthly Archives: October 2006

halloween 2006

halloween 2006
Originally uploaded by glemak.

sean (17) is a pirate and ian (14) is barney rubble…
by high school age they no longer are that interested in trick-or-treating but they do still like to costume it up for school (anything to get out of the uniform for one day)…
they tend to dress in themes based on their [...]

its rubber chicken time

its rubber chicken time
Originally uploaded by glemak.

there is a story behind the rubber chicken of course…
a family that owns a very similar looking lab, gulliver of brasil, meet us through flickr right after i started posting puppy pictures…
gulliver is year and 5 days older than leo – so the bond was immediately formed via this [...]

karyn update – feelin groovy

Feelin groovy
Originally uploaded by glemak.

karyn was able to get out today – felt good doing it but after was sore and tired…

flickr is life

i think karyn can totally relate to this cartoon from my friend chris…
i do have some photos from the hospital that i did not post but took so she could look back after the drugs wore off – they won’t be going up on flickr

ian – freshman football

2006_09_end 001
Originally uploaded by glemak.

overnight he seems to have grown up – he needs to shave but wants to wait until after football season…
his brother sean has been shaving since the 7th grade – so we’re use to it w/ him (he grows a full beard in two days)…
this shot of him at the rival [...]

ian & sean – suited up

ian & sean – suited up
Originally uploaded by glemak.

sean and ian had to start wearing their blazers and ties today – so i got them to quickly pose for a shot before sean drove them off to school…
seems like only yesterday that ian was heading off to 1st grade, and sean the 4th grader was [...]

karyn is doing good

she’s been improving each day, though she’s still uncomfortable and always tired…
hopefully later today she’ll go back online to say hi to her friends – but for now she’s sleeping…
and once she’s back online i’ll resume my normal family related blogging on this site and pick back up on the emerging tech stuff over at [...]