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Daily Archives: September 27th, 2006

back home – ya

back home
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she’s glad to be home, still groggy and in pain but w/ her boys and dogs…
she’s got a long road to full recovery ahead of her – but lots of folks to help, and we’re thankful for that

karyn is going home :)

ya – we just found out that she can go home later today…
she’s still in lots of pain & she’ll have to take it easy for 6 more weeks of course – but she’ll be so much more comfortable being in her own house w/ her boys and pets around her…
the hospital (stamford, ct – [...]

hoping for a good day

by last night karyn was feeling pretty crummy – lots of pain and tough for her to move around…
she misses being home, w/ her boys and dogs
we’re all hoping today is the last day she has to be in the hospital…
will update when i can today – mostly been focusing on getting her [...]