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testing quick post – simple applications are a joy

John’s Adventures: John’s Background Switcher

“I wanted a way to periodically change the wallpaper on my computer at set intervals and couldn’t find any decent software to do it, so I wrote my own. It’s simple, powerful and once you’ve told it what to do, it sits quietly in the system tray going about its business.”

i’m testing the post capability directly from a site i want to comment on into my wordpress admin panel – seems to work great, though i need to look around and see what sort of plugins are available to extend it…

spell checking is one thing i need – as i am a terible speler ;)

the application i wanted to comment on is called john’s background switcher – and i absolutely love it…

it lets me switch my background automatically every 30 minutes – the images come from a flickr set that i’ve setup for just this reason – anytime i put up a new photo that i think would make a good background, i just add it to that set and it joins the rotation – simple and elegant, these sort of light-weight online applications are the best…

you can configure it whatever way seems best to you – every 1/2hr, hour, day – feed by either a few images, a monitored folder or almost anything inside flickr – brilliant…

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  1. testing live comment plugin update…

    works great – cool :)

    1. glemak on August 20th, 2006 at 3:20 pm

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